Writing music
In 2015, Two Envelopes was selected as 'International Young Artist' by Musica. For this, they made an own creation with Clavichord, Percussion and live-electronics.
Our composition was based on the historic person Petrus Alamire, a music copyist, composer and diplomat from the renaissance time. The musical material we used was taken from the collection 'LonBLR 8 G.vii' made for Henry VIII, king of England in the 16th century.

Doleo super te, Dulces exuviae and Absalon fili mi are all lamenti,
treating death and the loss of a beloved person with strong rhetorical images.
By choosing these lamenti we want to emphasize not only the vanity of all things, in which Alamires oeuvre is in fact included. But also we want to make aware the irreversible separation from us to Alamire through his death and the many years that have passed since then.
The clavichord and the percussion, namely pergament paper played with quill pen, are sound sources that existed already in the time of Alamire.
By using the Live-electronics we transform them into sound of our time. To make them sound more familiar or even more far away?

Alamento was performed in the Festival of Flanders Antwerp (AMUZ) in 2015.